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Vovochka is watching his parents making love in the bedroom through the key hole.
In some minutes his father asks mother:
"Dear, who do you want now, a girl or a boy?"
Mother answers:
"We already have a boy, let it be girl now".

Some minutes later father goes out of the room, Vovochka wears off his trousers, turns so that his ass faces his father and says:
"Dad, and I want a sword, a bike and a box of color-pens!"

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The son asks his father:
- Daddy, why did you hang the sweets so high onto the Christmas tree?
- In order you don't eat them before Christmas.
- So, I should devour the Christmas crackers?

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Boy and girl are in the shower. Girl looks down and says, "Can I touch it?"
Boy says, "No way. You already broke your off."

!!! MOST Beautiful Russian girls !!!

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